December 8 2012
Norbert Endres: Research Potential by Text Engineering
Presentation at the International Conference on Historical Corpora 2012 (TITUS 25) University of Frankfurt.

September 10th-14th 2012
Anand Mishra: Panini's Grammar - Intensive Course
One week course given at the University of Duesseldorf (announcement).

April 2012
Wiebke Petersen: Representation techniques in Panini’s Sanskrit grammar.
Presentation at the “Workshop on Finite-state Methods in Language Resources and Historical-comparative Linguistics” in Düsseldorf.

March 2012
Wiebke Petersen: Formalizing Panini’s Descriptive Techniques.
Presentation at the “VIIe JournéeMonde Indien” in Paris.

February 1 2012
Oliver Hellwig: Howling jackals and twitching eyes‘ – Searching for descriptions of omina using computational methods
Presentation at the IKFG, University of Erlangen.

January 13 2012
Wiebke Petersen: Pratyaharas versus features
Invited lecture at the University of Hyderabad.

January 12 2012
Wiebke Petersen: Unlocking Panini's Astadhyayi
Invited lecture at the IIIT Hyderabad.

January 07 2012
Oliver Hellwig: ratha = ‚warrior‘ or ‚chariot‘? Computational Approaches to Polysemy in Sanskrit
Invited lecture at the 15th World Sanskrit Conference in New Delhi.

January 06 2012
Wiebke Petersen: On the descriptive techniques for phonological classes in Panini’s grammar
Invited lecture at the 15th World Sanskrit Conference in New Delhi.

September 12-16 2011
Anand Mishra: Pāṇini Crash Course
Abstract: About two and a half millenia ago, the grammarian Pāṇini provided a description of Sanskrit language. His work is called As Astadhyayi as it consists of eight chapters that contain some 4000 short aphorisms (sutras). Pāṇini employs a very sophisticated meta-language in order to assure mathematical perfection and utmost brevity in the formulation of his rules.
This intensive course will focus on the grammatical processes, meta-linguistic conventions and well developed techniques of representation of linguistic information in Astadhyayi.
It aims to introduce this grammar to students and scholars of linguistics and informatics and no prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required.

August 02 2011
Wiebke Petersen: On the economy of Panini’s Sivasutras
Invited talk at the "International Workshop: Dimensions of Grammar" in honor of Paul Kiparsky.

July 07 2011
Anand Mishra (University Heidelberg): Paninian Combinatorics: A set theoretical approach towards modelling Astadhyayi (Abstract)
Start: 10:30 a.m.
Location: University Düsseldorf,

July 01 2011
Wiebke Petersen (University Düsseldorf): Rules and Hierarchies in Panini's Grammar
Held on the workshop NLP Methods in Historical Linguistics in honor of James Kilbury.

May 25-27 2011
Project Coordination Meeting with our partner Amba Kulkarni (University of Hyderabad) in Heidelberg.

March 25-26 2011
Oliver Hellwig: Improving the automatic tokenization and lexical analysis of Sanskrit texts
Presentation at the University of Vienna.